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UniGe - DIME joins the AHP

Genoa (Italy), Port Louis (Mauritius), 16th March 2022

The African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP) is delighted to welcome the Università di Genova (UniGe), Dipartimento di ingegneria meccanica, energetica, gestionale e dei trasporti (DIME) as its first University member.

UniGe is one of the oldest and best Universities in Italy, active in the field of hydrogen technologies for many years collaborating with big industrial firms and participating in collaborative industrial projects. UniGe - DIME is a leading mechanical and energy engineering department specialized in advanced energy systems and hydrogen and ammonia-related technologies and applications (fuel cells, turbines, e-fuels etc.). In addition, UniGe - DIME has a deep capability in terms of techno-economic assessment of innovative energy and hydrogen technologies. This synergy will further strengthen the existing international alliance already established by the AHP as the only continent-wide African umbrella association solely dedicated to the development of green and natural hydrogen, hydrogen-based chemicals, fuel cell technology, and related business opportunities in Africa.

Prof Aristide Fausto Massardo (Full Professor and Chair of Energy Systems) said,

“It is a pleasure for us to join the AHP as its first University member. Being always active in hydrogen and fuel cell technology research as well as in International Cooperation and Collaborative R&D projects, it is natural for us to join an ambitious alliance as the AHP is, trusting in the potential of Africa for global hydrogen transition. We are ready to support the AHP and share its technological and policy challenges with our expertise, laboratories, and tools to boost African hydrogen transition via testing activities, techno-economics analysis, modeling, and simulation studies.”

Dr Innocent Uwuijaren (AHP Chairman) stated,

“African green and natural hydrogen will play a major role in achieving global net-zero and SDG. The World cannot decarbonize without African hydrogen. The AHP’s drive is to maximize the natural potential in Africa for producing carbon-free hydrogen and thus also to boost the economies of the individual African countries concerned. Having UniGe - DIME join the AHP will help accelerate these ambitions and bring real benefits to Africa. The AHP very much looks forward to working with our colleagues at UniGe – DIME in the future. Their academic and intellectual perspective and their R&D capabilities will provide a new and invaluable dimension to the AHP."

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