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Ugandan Ministry of Energy collaborate with HDF Energy to pilot first green hydrogen power plant.

HDF Energy (an AHP Member) has signed an MOU at COP27 with the Ugandan Ministry of Energy to pilot the first green Hydrogen energy plant in Uganda. AHP believe this is a significant step forward for reliable, renewable energy in Uganda.

The proposed first non-intermittent renewable energy power plant using hydrogen technology in Uganda is set to provide year-round supply for the equivalent of 24 hours a day and prefigures the future of renewable energies by eliminating their intermittency through hydrogen long term energy storage.

HDF Energy combines a primary source of renewable power with hydrogen storage to provide dispatchable green baseload electricity.

A Renewstable® power plant operates by combining a photovoltaic plant and mass storage of energy through a hydrogen chain, the green alternative to a classic diesel power plant as it only uses solar energy and water to produce stable electricity thus avoiding greenhouse emissions and noise.

Nicolas Lecomte, HDF’s Director for Southern and East Africa said, "Our cooperation with the Ministry on a first project in Uganda aims at, amongst other objectives, working jointly on a practical case to inform the local regulation, as well as creating an enabling environment and skills in Uganda for the green hydrogen industry".

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