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Towards a Greener Africa, Nigeria-Africa Natural Resource & Energy Summit 2022

The African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP) proudly supports the "Towards a Greener Africa, Nigeria-Africa Natural Resource & Energy Summit", 30 May - 2 June 2022 in Abuja (Nigeria).

Mr. Philibert Dutrieux (Founder of and CEO at iH2 - Ivoire Hydrogène, an African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP) Pioneer Member) will represent the AHP and participate in the panel discussion "Carbon Neutral Fuels - An alternative to high carbon fossil fuels".

Discussion Points:

  • Hydrogen & Alternative Energy Fuels.

  • Unlocking the untapped renewable energy in Africa.

  • Discussing new hydrogen fuels technology and its benefits.

  • The challenges and opportunities in transitioning to hydrogen.

  • How to attract investment in the sector?


  • Mr. Mele Kyari, CEO Nigerian National Petroleum Company LTD

  • Mr. Philibert Dutrieux, Founder and CEO, iH2 – Ivoire Hydrogène

  • Mr. Bala M. Wunti, Group General Manager, National Petroleum Investment Management Services

  • Africa Finance Corporation/African Development Bank Representative- TBC

  • Mr. Uchenna Ibe, RWE (Moderator)


This years summit, titled ‘Towards a greener Africa’, sees the summit focus on developing green projects in Africa following the need to protect the planet from climate change. As the world moves towards a green economic recovery post-covid-19, this edition seeks to ensure that Africa is taking steps to utilize new technology to cut carbon emissions within the sector. Additionally, topics will cover the development of the African Natural resources sector to take advantage of the fast-developing green metals international market, thus attracting investment for its continued development.


The Nigeria-Africa Natural Resource & Energy Summit is a development platform initiated by the Nigerian Government. Leveraging on its over half a century years’ experience within the natural resource and energy sectors, Nigeria seeks to work with fellow African Nations to continue the sustainable development of Africa’s natural resources through knowledge sharing, investment, and trade.

With the world focused on phasing out the usage of fossil fuels, reducing carbon emissions to protect the world from a Climate Change catastrophe, this forum has been convened to encourage the development and financing of sustainable and green natural resource and energy projects in Africa.

The summit focuses on the development and financing of renewable energy projects in Africa. We will be exploring green metal mining projects that produce raw materials to power a greener world.


You can find more information and register HERE.

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