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There are fortunes to be made today from green hydrogen produced and consumed in Africa!

The large-scale commercialization of green hydrogen starts with domestic African markets

  1. There are commercially feasible, bankable and strong revenue generating green hydrogen business opportunities in domestic African markets now, e.g. baseload renewable power using hydrogen to manage renewable intermittency and green fertilizer projects.

  2. Hydrogen and its derivatives can be traded for immediate delivery/usage (spot market), deals do not have to wait for the derivatives market to develop first and financial risks can be more easily managed.

  3. Hydrogen production facilities (supply) will generally be located near large local markets (demand), the transportation/delivery cost is, therefore, minimized which results in a significant cost advantage making hydrogen, its derivatives and green fertilizer more competitive.

  4. Hard currencies can be earned from some export markets which reduces FX risks and supports bankability and, last but not least,

  5. There are market sectors in some regions of Africa with high refined fossil fuel prices where hydrogen can already price diesel/petrol out of the market.

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AHP - Commercialization
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