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The AHP Announces Appointment of Tim Brassey as Head of IT

Mauritius, 3 August 2022

The African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP) announced today the appointment of Tim Brassey as Head of Information Technology (IT).

The appointment of Tim Brassey as Head of IT will strengthen the AHP’s capabilities to continue its robust growth and to provide the AHP’s members with more online cloud

computing, productivity and collaboration tools.

Tim has been working in technology for over 40 years including technical roles at Hewlett Packard and Microsoft. He has seen at first hand the development of computing from punched cards to artificial intelligence and cloud computing. At Microsoft he was a strategy consultant for both Enterprises and Government departments working with large consulting partners like Capgemini and Fujitsu on outsourcing projects. He later became an Account Technology Specialist (collaboration and security) in the Manufacturing and then Financial Services teams working with customers like Shell and Barclays. After leaving Microsoft he was an advisor to a blockchain startup and started his own eBike business.

Tim holds an MA(Hons) from Aberdeen University and a Postgraduate Diploma in Accountancy from the Scottish Business School in Glasgow.

AHP Head of IT, Tim Brassey stated,

“I am excited to be joining the AHP team at what I believe will be a period of rapid growth and innovation. We have to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and Green Hydrogen will be an important part of the renewables mix. I believe IT will play a key part in making this transition a reality and I look forward to playing a part in making it successful.”

AHP Secretary General, Siggi Huegemann said,

"The AHP is an international African association. Organizations from anywhere in the world are welcome to join the AHP. State-of-the-art IT capabilities are crucial for supporting the AHP’s strong growth and momentum, expanding its network of strong partnerships and working most efficiently. Tim’s expertise will enable the AHP to align user needs with system functionality and organizational requirements and policies. He will manage the technologies for the AHP’s online presence, social media channels and related productivity and analysis tools. His great experience will increase the AHP’s productivity and member services greatly. Tim’s contributions will be most valuable for the AHP."


The African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP) is the only continent-wide African umbrella association dedicated to the development of green and natural hydrogen, hydrogen-based chemicals, fuel cell technology and related business opportunities in Africa. It facilitates the collaboration between governments, industry, technology and financial institutions and large end consumers of hydrogen across regions with a focus on Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Commonwealth. The Partnership campaigns and lobbies for green African hydrogen and makes compelling political propositions for the benefit to Africa and other continents of developing green hydrogen economies. The AHP is confident that green and natural African Hydrogen will materially assist the World to decarbonise and assist in African Hydrogen becoming a major component in the energy mix.

To help form the strongest possible international alliance for utilising Africa's hydrogen potential and creating green wealth, organisations from anywhere in the world are welcome to join the AHP and become a Member.

For more information about the AHP or membership, please visit

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