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The AHP Announces Appointment of Professor Bamidele Adebisi as AHP University Board Member

Mauritius, 28 May 2022

The African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP) announced today the appointment of Prof Bamidele Adebisi to the board of directors. This brings the number of board members to seven.

The appointment of Bamidele Adebisi (Manchester Metropolitan University ) to the board of the AHP will enable the AHP to have access to the University and the Manchester Fuel Cell Innovation Centre’s unique collaborative and synergistic relationship to academic research, industry and policy makers.

Bamidele Adebisi is a Professor in Intelligent Infrastructure Systems, and the Director of the Smart Infrastructure and Industry and Research (SIIR) Group at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. Prof Adebisi is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of Institution of Engineering and Technology. He is a research leader with a strong track record of delivering high quality research, knowledge transfer, teaching and learning. Prof Adebisi has been part of multi-partner, multi-country, multi-million pound research projects and known for notable accomplishments of attracting industrial related grants through Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP). One of such projects received the UK Best KTP Project of the Year Awards in September 2020. He will represent Manchester Metropolitan University at AHP’s Board of Directors, and chair the AHP’s University Grouping.

AHP University Board Member, Bamidele Adebisi stated:

“I am honored to join the AHP’s Board of Directors. This position will give me the opportunity to use my experience to support and promote the development of innovative research concepts, training of future workforce and upskilling existing employees for the delivery of affordable green hydrogen at scale, in both continents.”

AHP Secretary General, Siggi Huegemann said:

"The large-scale commercialization of green hydrogen, ammonia and fertilizer can kick-start in some of the regions of Africa. Hydrogen ecosystems, e.g. hydrogen hubs or valleys, require smart hydrogen infrastructure in order to maximize the utilization of synergies and achieve related cost reduction. Prof Adebisi's and Manchester Met's expertise and experience in smart infrastructure will be most valuable for developing green hydrogen projects in Africa. Skills and capabilities are needed for implementing and maintaining hydrogen systems and applications. Prof Adebisi is dedicated to expediting educational programmes for creating required hydrogen tech capabilities in Africa. The AHP is glad to welcome Prof Adebisi to the AHP Board of Directors.”


The African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP) is the only continent-wide African umbrella association dedicated to the development of green and natural hydrogen, hydrogen-based chemicals, fuel cell technology and related business opportunities in Africa. It facilitates the collaboration between governments, industry, technology and financial institutions and large end consumers of hydrogen across regions with a focus on Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Commonwealth. The Partnership campaigns and lobbies for green African hydrogen and makes compelling political propositions for the benefit to Africa and other continents of developing green hydrogen economies. The AHP is confident that green and natural African Hydrogen will materially assist the World to decarbonise and assist in African Hydrogen becoming a major component in the energy mix.

To help form the strongest possible international alliance for utilising Africa's hydrogen potential and creating green wealth, organisations from anywhere in the world are welcome to join the AHP and become a Member.

For more information about the AHP or membership, please visit

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