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The AHP Announces Appointment of Marie Espitalier-Noël as new AHP Board Member

Mauritius, 24 May 2022

The African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP) announced today the appointment of Marie Espitalier-Noel to the board of directors. This brings the number of board members to six.

The appointment of Marie Espitalier-Noel (Hydrogen Europe) to the board of the AHP will enable the AHP to leverage its relationship with Hydrogen Europe and to promote the future trading relationship between Africa and Europe, as it relates to green hydrogen and its derivatives, which is going to be key for both of them.

Marie is the Funding and Financing Manager at Hydrogen Europe, the leading hydrogen and fuel cell association for European-based companies. She is in charge of improving the bankability of low carbon hydrogen projects throughout the value chain, and fostering public and private investment in hydrogen projects.

She will represent Hydrogen Europe at AHP’s Board of Directors, and chair the AHP’s Association Grouping.

AHP Chairman, Dr Innocent Uwuijaren said:

“With the war in Ukraine demonstrating the urgency of Europe’s energy transition and Africa gearing up for COP27 in Egypt, there is no better time to welcome Hydrogen Europe as a board member of the AHP. We are glad to welcome Marie. Her presence on the AHP Board will give AHP access to her most valuable experience and qualifications, which are very relevant to the AHP, as well as enhancing the AHP’s relationship with Hydrogen Europe and their ability to work together.”

Prior to joining Hydrogen Europe, Marie worked as Senior Associate for a CVC fund within which she oversaw the Renewable energy investment portfolio in Africa and France. She also launched the subsidiary of a leading impact fund in Australia in partnership with the Clean Energy Finance Corporation. Marie holds a Master of Corporate Finance from Paris School of Business and a Master of International Economics and Market Finance from University of Queensland, Australia.

AHP Association Board Member, Marie Espitalier-Noel stated,

“I am honored to join the AHP’s Board of Directors. This is an extraordinary opportunity to dedicate my passion and experience to promote the development of local hydrogen markets in Africa and establish hydrogen partnerships between Africa and Europe. The RepowerEU plan targets 10 million tons of imported renewable hydrogen by 2030, with a clear focus on establishing a trade corridor between Europe, Africa and the Gulf. The AHP and Hydrogen Europe will work jointly at aligning regulation frameworks, certifications and standards for decarbonisation, promoting access to green tech finance in both continents and leveraging key programs like the Global Gateway’s € 2.4bn African Green Energy Initiative to make sure we reach this ambitious target.”

“As a half French and half Mauritian who has grown up in Reunion and Mauritius, sisters islands off the eastern coast of Africa, I am committed to help build fair and reciprocal energy cooperation between our two continents, one which helps alleviate energy poverty, serves our climate goals and unlock their competitive advantages. I know that Europe can learn a lot from Africa’s agility, market orientation, and from its demonstrated capacity to leapfrog complex industries.”


The African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP) is the only continent-wide African umbrella association dedicated to the development of green and natural hydrogen, hydrogen-based chemicals, fuel cell technology and related business opportunities in Africa. It facilitates the collaboration between governments, industry, technology and financial institutions and large end consumers of hydrogen across regions with a focus on Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Commonwealth. The Partnership campaigns and lobbies for green African hydrogen and makes compelling political propositions for the benefit to Africa and other continents of developing green hydrogen economies. The AHP is confident that green and natural African Hydrogen will materially assist the World to decarbonise and assist in African Hydrogen becoming a major component in the energy mix.

To help form the strongest possible international alliance for utilising Africa's hydrogen potential and creating green wealth, organisations from anywhere in the world are welcome to join the AHP and become a Member.

For more information about the AHP or membership, please visit

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