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Tekinologi joins AHP

Lagos, (Nigeria), Port Louis (Mauritius) - 11th April 2023

The African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP) is delighted to welcome Tekinologi as a member.

Tekinologi provides clean, innovative and smart energy solutions through consultancy, engineering, ICT, sales and project management. They have successfully deployed and managed large energy projects for homes, service providers, large enterprises and commercial businesses in Africa. In line with their mission to accelerate the utilisation of renewable energy resources and promote climate-friendly technologies for sustainability, they are currently exploring the potential of green hydrogen in Africa, with a focus on the development of a Hydrogen Valley in Nigeria.

Mr Akin Ande, an Executive Director at Tekinologi, said,

“Strategic alliances with institutions in the hydrogen industry across the world are a major step in the development and growth of the hydrogen market and economy. We are excited about this collaboration as it will facilitate knowledge and skills transfer, create market opportunities and aid the development of applicable standards and regulations in Africa. As a leading smart energy solution provider, we are committed to exploring the potential of hydrogen in Africa by leveraging our expertise in smart and innovative solutions, renewable energy deployment and post-project support to create networks, engage relevant stakeholders and foster a supportive ecosystem across the hydrogen value chain.“

Dr Innocent Uwuijaren, AHP Director and Chairman, said,

“We are delighted that Tekinologi has joined the AHP. Their expertise in smart energy solutions will be of value to the AHP and the global efforts for energy sustainability. We also believe that their work and enthusiasm in promoting a green hydrogen valley in Nigeria will help push the required developments forward in the key Nigerian hydrogen market. We look forward to working with Akin and his team in the future.”

About Tekinologi

Tekinologi, based in Lagos, Nigeria was founded in 2019 as ChertIoT and renamed to Teknologie Solutions limited. They are a leading smart energy solutions provider for commercial and industrial buildings in Nigeria and the rest of Africa. Through the application of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, they design, develop, and deploy smart energy management solutions to help clients manage their energy consumption while promoting renewable and climate-friendly technologies for sustainability.

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Tekinologi joins AHP (Final)
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