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Tanzanian Foreign Minister and Commissioner for Petrol & Gas receive AHP Delegation

Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), Tuesday, 5 July 2022

Meeting with the Honourable Liberata Mulamula, Minister of Foreign Affairs and East Africa Cooperation

The Honourable Ambassador Liberata Mulamula, Minister of Foreign Affairs and East Africa Cooperation, received a Delegation of the African Hydrogen Partnership in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania on Tuesday, 5th July 2022. During COP26 the Honourable Minister Liberata Mulamula invited the AHP for face-to-face meetings in Tanzania.

During the insightful and inspiring discussion the Honourable Ambassador Liberata Mulamula emphasised the importance of concrete actions against global warming and climate change.

The AHP delegation explained that the World cannot decarbonize without African Green Hydrogen and that there are already commercially feasible green hydrogen related business opportunities available in Tanzania.

Tanzania is blessed with hydropower, geothermal energy and the potential for harvesting wind and solar energy. In Central and Western Tanzania there is a very strong potential for producing solar and onshore wind power which are the least expensive renewable energy sources. Additionally, there are large open (arid) spaces in these regions which allow the construction of larger renewable energy facilities while minimising the impact on the environment.

The members of the delegation explained the advantages and business opportunities of new hydrogen technologies, e.g. continuous baseload renewable power supply using hydrogen, green fertiliser produced from hydrogen, waste-to-(hydrogen)power, grid-independent power supply and green hydrogen fuel for heavy load, long and heavy duty land transport as well as for the maritime sector and decarbonizing shipping using green ammonia or methanol.

The AHP Delegation encouraged Tanzania to join the African Green Hydrogen Alliance, a union of nations formed by six African nations. Separately, it was said that Her Excellency President Samia Suluhu Hassan would be a fantastic champion for the Green Hydrogen and Ammonia revolution in Africa.

The AHP encouraged Tanzania to create a Central Governmental Hydrogen Coordination Group responsible for developing a national hydrogen strategy, a hydrogen roadmap and related national economic and investment development plans for Tanzania.

Meeting with the Honourable Commissioner Michael Mjinja, Commissioner for Petrol & Gas

The AHP delegation had a very insightful and inspiring discussion with the Honourable Commissioner Michael Mjinja, Commissioner for Petrol & Gas at the Ministry of Energy, on the same day before the meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The delegation members emphasised that the World will rely more and more on natural gas for managing the transition from fossil fuel to renewables and green hydrogen in the future since natural gas is less harmful to the environment than coal or refined fossil fuels, e.g. diesel.

Natural gas will be needed for decades to come until the energy transition is fully completed.

Consequently, Tanzania’s natural gas reserves and its potential for producing low-cost green hydrogen are not mutually exclusive, they complement each other. Tanzania can economically benefit from both and significantly mitigate and hedge the risks, especially financial risks, associated with systemic change.

The Honourable Commissioner ensured the support of his department for forming a Central Governmental Hydrogen Coordination Group.

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