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New AHP Secretary General

Updated: May 25, 2021

Vincent Oldenbroek formally resigned as the AHP Secretary General on Friday, 21st May. The AHP is greatly thankful for his very valuable voluntary contributions, his dedication and commitment. Without Vincent's hard work the AHP would not exist. For his great achievements the AHP Board will propose him as the AHP's first Honorary Member at the AHP's General Assembly in July. The AHP wishes Mr. Oldenbroek all the best for his professional career and private life.

The AHP Board appointed Dr Innocent Uwuijaren as the new AHP Secretary General. Dr Uwuijaren is the co-founder of Cheranna Energy, a UK based company, headquartered in Aberdeen and specialises in technology for developing green energy. He has over 22 years working experience in the energy sector. Cheranna Energy is an AHP member organization. For more information about Dr. Uwuijarne please visit the AHP TEAM page (

The AHP warmly welcomes Dr Innocent Uwuijaren as the new AHP Secretary General.

Vincent Oldenbroek commented:

“With the new and upcoming members the AHP is growing and going into the next phase. Being part from the beginning, turning an idea into a continent wide true African hydrogen association, I am proud of what we as AHP Team have achieved in the past years. For the next phase, I am confident that Dr. Innocent Uwuijaren will bring the AHP to a higher level while acting as AHP's new Secretary General and make Africa's hydrogen economies accelerating.

I want to thank the AHP team for this opportunity and being part of this very interesting journey. Also I want to thank AHPs network and contacts for their input, feedback and sharing the belief that green hydrogen is a real economic, social and environmental game changer for Africa. With the current growing momentum in African nations, I am confident green hydrogen based economies in Africa will expand quickly.”

Dr Innocent Uwuijaren said:

"It is a great honour to be appointed into this role as Secretary General for AHP. I want to use this opportunity to thank my predecessor Vincent Oldenbroek for his excellent role and the achievements of AHP. As pioneer Secretary General and co-founder of AHP, Vincent Oldenbroek has built a framework and ecosystem which will give me leverage to do well in this role.

I am looking forward to working with AHP Team and Partners as we take AHP to the next level by building a stronger international alliance that will help accelerate hydrogen investment in Africa."

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