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Namibia - Exporting Green Hydrogen

With its abundant, world-class renewable energy resources and increasing demand for green hydrogen worldwide, Namibia is quickly emerging as an early entrant in this new market and has ambitions of becoming the leading exporter of Green Hydrogen in Africa. The development of complementary engines of growth through the accumulation of new productive capacities and know-how in strategic sectors is vital to ensure the growing complexity of Namibia’s economy. Moreover, the development of such engines is necessary to cushion the Namibian economy from unusual and external risk factors. A preliminary analysis by the World Bank of the green hydrogen market and levelized cost of hydrogen (LCOH) shows that Namibia could produce highly competitive green ammonia.

The AHP added a NAMIBIA page to the AHP website with important information and updates about the great progress in Namibia. For the NAMIBIA page click HERE.

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