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More than 30 Corporate and Institutional Members - The AHP Continues to Grow

Port Louis (Mauritius) - 3rd of August 2023

The African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP) is delighted to announce that it now has more than 30 corporate and institutional members – with more in the pipeline. This is a major milestone, after just two and a half years, and illustrates both confidence in the AHP and also in Africa’s green and natural hydrogen potential.

The AHP is a not for profit organization dedicated to the development in Africa of green hydrogen, and naturally occurring hydrogen, and their derivatives.

It is incorporated in Mauritius (Africa) and its administrative, accountancy, legal and audit functions are managed in Mauritius. And nine out of eleven of its board and leadership team are African.

The AHP’s membership includes commercial companies, universities and also international associations focused on hydrogen or where the development of hydrogen will play a significant role.

The AHP is currently focusing on domestically oriented projects in Africa – producing hydrogen where it will be consumed - which can be commercially viable, in the right locations, today.

The board of the AHP has decided to form, over time, a number of regional chapters, reflecting the growing interest in Africa and hydrogen and the size of the African continent. The first such chapter – the North Africa Chapter - has recently been launched in conjunction with AHP member, the MENA Hydrogen Alliance, which already plays an important role in the region in relation to hydrogen.

Hydrogen will affect lives and economies in Africa, as well as helping to decarbonise the world; and will be of particular relevance to Africa because such a large proportion of the population do not have access to electricity or a reliable electricity grid and because of the sheer scale of the continent.

As far as natural hydrogen is concerned, the interest in natural hydrogen is growing fast and significant reserves of natural hydrogen have already been discovered in Africa.

The AHP Leadership is confident that the AHP will continue to develop and that Africa will benefit greatly from hydrogen related developments.

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