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MENA Hydrogen Alliance and AHP Unify Efforts to Strengthen the Development of H2 Tech in Africa

MENA Hydrogen Alliance and the African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP) unify efforts to strengthen the development of hydrogen tech in North Africa and the collaboration between Africa and the Middle East

Dubai (UAE), Port Louis (Mauritius) - 7th of July 2023

The African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP) and the MENA Hydrogen Alliance are delighted to announce a new collaboration to further the development of green infrastructure in North Africa and the whole African continent. The agreement encompasses knowledge-sharing and the exchange of technical, operational and commercial expertise to bridge gaps in the development of hydrogen projects in Africa.

Cornelius Matthes (CEO of Dii Desert Energy and MENA Hydrogen Alliance) stated,

“In line with our strategy to focus on regional alliances and international partnerships to accelerate the energy transformation, we are delighted to announce our partnership with AHP. For this cooperation, we will focus on localization, creation of jobs, low hanging fruit applications such as green ammonia to replace expensive imports and improving infrastructure. Our CTO Fadi Maalouf will lead the North Africa Chapter of AHP”.

Richard Kiplagat (Chairman of the African Hydrogen Partnership | Managing Director at africa practice) stated,

“The AHP’s mandate to promote and catalyze the development of Green Hydrogen in Africa requires broad based collaboration and building of coalitions. Our partnership with the MENA Hydrogen Alliance will go a long way towards strengthening our advocacy efforts and achieving our mutual goals.”

Marie Espitalier-Noël (AHP Director and Association Board Member | Funding and Financing Manager at Hydrogen Europe) said,

“This strategic partnership between the MENA Hydrogen Alliance and the AHP underscores the critical importance of international collaboration in establishing a robust and interconnected global hydrogen supply chain. The MENA region and Africa, endowed with vast renewable energy potential and extensive infrastructure deployment expertise, will become powerhouses of global green hydrogen production. By leveraging these inherent strengths, they will address local energy demands, facilitating the decarbonization of industries, transportation, and power generation. Simultaneously, they will assume a leading role as suppliers to the EU market, offering the bloc new energy import options that align with its ambitious emissions reduction goals. This cross-continental collaboration not only bolsters energy security and diversification but also stimulates economic growth, creates employment opportunities, and forges a sustainable and resilient energy future for all participating regions.”


About the MENA Hydrogen Alliance

Dii Desert Energy is an independent, international, industry-led network operating from Dubai. With its footprint in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), it is connecting people, countries and clean energy markets globally, paving the way for “net zero emission”, secure and affordable energy from the deserts. Dii's platform of more than 100 companies and organizations from 35 countries is, thus, mobilizing top executives, government decision makers, R&D institutions and academia supporting ‘Our Mission: No Emissions’.

Dii launched the MENA Hydrogen Alliance which brings together private and public sector actors as well as science and academia to kick-start green hydrogen economies. The Alliance provides a platform for members to meet and discuss pathways forward and formulates common studies. The alliance acts as an impartial advisor to promote pilot projects in the region, elaborates (potential) business cases and structure for large projects, proposes the necessary policy and regulatory frameworks, and educates different stakeholders on all relevant aspects of the hydrogen value chain, from ‘source to sink’, including export of virtual (renewable and carbon characteristics) and physical energy carriers.

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