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London - Hydrogen Global Summit - Financing Innovation

The Hydrogen Global Summit (HGS) is gathering energy pioneers and industry leaders in London to discuss net-zero financing, low-carbon technologies, and governance in the energy transition.

Taking place in London the 22nd-23rd of June 2022, the summit will gather participants from intergovernmental agencies, the transport and industrial sectors, international energy companies, service companies, and government stakeholders. Discussions and case studies will focus on securing the missing elements at every stage of the energy transition from lapses and adequate financing to de-risking net-zero investments.

The HGS London by The Net-Zero Circle to partner with Decarbonised Gas Alliance to support gas stakeholders to play their role in innovating current methods and catalysing adaptations in championing net zero leadership in the energy sector. "The need to act as an energy community to jointly decarbonise hard-to-abate sectors is more urgent than ever, however, a truly sustainable energy transition must be inclusive, affordable, and secure. We're delighted to host leaders from all over the world to discuss how we can align and collaborate in the pursuit of our energy decarbonisation objectives, and decarbonisation of gas is critical in achieving this goal.", Soizic Le Lesle Fauvelle.

Speakers include:

  • Dr. Jauad Elkharraz, Executive Director, RCREEE

  • Chris Barron, Chair and Secretariat, The Decarbonised Gas Alliance

  • Mr David Livingston, Senior Advisor, Office of the Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, US Department of State

  • Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, CEO, Hydrogen Europe

  • Ms Shiva Dustdar, Head of Innovation Finance Advisory, European Investment Bank

  • Mr Andrew Lever, Director, Policy & Innovation, Carbon Trust

  • Mr Camilo Aviles, Unit Head for New Energy Carriers, Ministry of Energy, Government of Chile Harry Boyd-Carpenter, Managing Director, Green Economy & Climate Action, EBRD Dolf Gielen, Director Innovation and Technology, IRENA

We encourage you to register and become a part of the event that seeks to discuss and showcase the technologies needed to catalyse a hydrogen fuelled roadmap to net-zero, clarify investors pain points and discuss commercial viability gaps. Secure your place here:

About the Organiser

The Net-Zero Circle is a digital platform acting as the meeting place for critical decision makers, uniting netzero innovators in energy markets worldwide. Our mission is to help stakeholders reach consensus and secure the missing elements at every stage of the energy transition by championing information transparency, professional growth and technological insight.

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About the Net-Zero Сircle:

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