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Kenya feasibility study to produce Green Hydrogen and Ammonia from Geothermal energy

KenGen has issued an RFP for a feasibility study to produce green hydrogen, ammonia and fertiliser at its existing geothermal site at Olkaria. This comes as fertiliser prices increased 71% from the previous year and continue to rise as global energy prices rise.

Olkaria in Kenya's Rift Valley is a 140MW project owned by Kenya Electricity Generating. It cost $385m to develop, consists of 30 single flash production wells and was commissioned in 2014. It uses Hyundai Engineering & Construction and Toyota Tsusho as its contractors.

KenGen has also started providing geothermal drilling services to the Tulu Moye and Aluto-Langano projects in Ethiopia.

According to the RFP "The Country is expected to become the preferred location for the green hydrogen economy because of the high penetration in renewable energy, greater land availability, easy access to water sources, transport infrastructure and port facilities. The Company generates more than eight five (85) percent of its electricity from renewable sources eg hydropower, geothermal, solar and wind energy which places it a strategic position to lead the roll out of green hydrogen."

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