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Kenya and FFI sign Green Ammonia agreement

The Government of Kenya and Fortescue Future Industries have signed a binding Framework Agreement at COP27 to fast-track Kenya’s development of an affordable green fertiliser supply chain and other green hydrogen-based industries and its derivatives.

Under the Agreement, FFI and the Government of Kenya will work together to develop by 2025 a 300MW capacity generation green ammonia and green fertiliser facility. This aims to provide affordable green fertiliser to the domestic market and address food security, while also negating the need for importing equivalent amounts of fertiliser.

For Kenya this will create fossil fuel free fertiliser, a strong local industry, skilled job creation, and lessen Kenya’s exposure to imports from foreign nations.

The parties intend that this will be followed by the commencement of feasibility studies for two further projects that could scale up renewable electricity generation for green industries by up to 25GW, which could ultimately produce up to 1.7 million tonnes of green hydrogen per year for export.

This is further evidence that green hydrogen can provide a valuable export industry for Kenya and other African countries.

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