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Interconnecting Africa with Hydrogen

The African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP) initiative has received a lot of attention since the website went live four weeks ago. Business leaders, economists, bankers and politicians are waking up to the potential of Hydrogen Routes and getting excited about the many benefits they could bring. We’ve been in talks with world-leading companies, discussing other potential African Hydrogen routes. The routes we initially proposed in South and East Africa are not an exhaustive or final list: there’s plenty of potential for other routes to be constructed.  Take a look at the updated map below, showing additional Hydrogen Routes covering the African continent. They are along existing trans-African highways and connect established business centers. Northern African countries in particular have extremely favorable solar radiation as well as wind conditions. West and Central African countries are blessed with vast, untapped potential from hydroelectric power. Low cost green electricity will power electrolysis to produce low cost green hydrogen. Harnessing this would also sustain and power growth for existing industries.  There are many proven and pre-existing ways to store and transport hydrogen. These include compressed & liquid hydrogen, liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHC), methylcyclohexanes (MCH) and ammonia (NH3).  Internal African hydrogen production, storage and trading could replace fossil fuel trading and import.  With the extra benefits of creating new industries and therefore jobs, boosting economic power (lowering trade deficits and strengthening trade balances) and protecting the environment, there’s a more compelling case than ever for supporting and implementing African Hydrogen Routes as soon as possible.

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