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Kickstart the first hydrogen economies in Africa with green hydrogen & ammonia, new document online

The African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP)’s newest document entitled "Green African

Hydrogen - Operational Planning" (download here; discusses initial ideas for an operational planning process designed to link the African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP)’s vision, goals and strategies with its first major tactical, technological programmes and projects.

It’s crucial that those programmes and projects are commercially successful right

from the start, providing a secure foundation upon which we can build continuing

our work to create hydrogen economies and societies in Africa. This means using

synergies to the greatest possible extent, in order to maximise economies of scale

and achieve initial wins quickly.

For the AHP’s Operational Planning process, we are considering four technologies

offering synergies:

■ ammonia production for fertilizers

■ hydrogen and fuel cell technology (transport as well as stationary


■ producing hydrogen with renewable energy (Power-to-Gas/P2G)

■ storing renewable energy as hydrogen and/or ammonia (hydrogen carrier)

The document discusses the significance of ammonia for AHP’s operational plans.

It is a starting point for discussions about the best possible “Landing Zones”

(regions in Africa for the first large-scale projects and basis for expansion into

Africa) as well as “Bridgeheads” (more specific locations, centers or metropolitan

regions) for the first technological projects that can offer a high rate of success.

This document serves as discussion material for potential members, with respect

to the first locations, applications and possible synergies. It is a living document:

proposed locations, applications and discussed technologies should not be seen

as the only or most important options.

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