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HDF Energy builds new Hydrogen fuel cell plant

AHP member HDF Energy (Hydrogène de France) has started construction work on the world’s first mass production factory for high-power hydrogen fuel cells.

The 7,000 m² plant is being built on a four-hectare plot in south west France. Delivery of the building is scheduled for late 2023 and when production begins in 2024, HDF initially plans to manufacture 1.5 MW fuel cells before gradually ramping their unit capacity up to 10 MW.

In 2024, production capacity is expected to reach 100 MW of fuel cells per year and it is expected that 80% of production volume will be exported around the world, including Africa. Markets for these fuel cells include heavy marine, rail mobility and electricity generation for energy grids.

AHP believe that these types of transportable fuel cell units are key to making local Green Hydrogen projects in Africa viable for applications like base load supply.

The Press Release can be found at:-

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