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Green African Hydrogen and the Resilience of Europe’s Energy System

The 6th edition of “Wind meets Gas” took place on October 6 & 7 in Groningen (Netherlands). This year’s edition of “Wind meets Gas” specifically focused on the resilience of energy systems. The war in Ukraine has painfully reminded Europe that security of supply and affordability of energy is not something that can be taken for granted, whilst a lot of effort is put into the energy transition. All aspects of the energy trilemma (security, affordability and sustainability) have to be taken into account when creating a sustainable energy future.

The World and Europe cannot decarbonize without Green African Hydrogen. Europe’s sustainable energy security will depend on green molecules from Africa. A close cooperation between Europe and Africa will enable Europe to mitigate country and related energy supply risks. Wind and solar energy projects for producing low-cost green hydrogen and its derivatives in Africa will be greatly and mutually beneficial for Africa, Europe and the World.

The African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP; Representatives (from left to right):

Prof Ad van Wijk discussing the Hydrogen Accelerator concept:

Nienke Homan on stage with Rob Jetten, Minister for Climate and Energy Policy of the Netherlands:

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Wind meets Gas
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