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Great Progress in Namibia - HDF Energy's Hydrogen Tech is Ready to be Deployed Across Africa

HDF Energy, a Pioneer Member of the African Hydrogen Partnership, is developing the Renewstable® Swakopmund, a green hydrogen power plant in Swakopmund, Erongo region. Once operational, the project will enhance local clean electricity generation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, directly contributing to security of electricity supply in Namibia.

With the recent acceptance of the Scoping Report by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, HDF Energy Namibia can now proceed with finalizing the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment report.

HDF Energy Director for Southern Africa, Nicolas Lecomte says that “This important step in the permitting process confirms a favorable context for the project. As a result, HDF Energy is one step closer to constructing the first green hydrogen power plant in Africa, among the first that HDF Energy deploys globally. It comforts the capacity of Namibia to become a trailblazer in green hydrogen power that others will emulate. This step is also one of many that ensures compliance with the Namibian laws and for the benefit of the Namibian people”.

The project will be commercially operational in 2024.

HDF Energy's Renewstable® hydrogen tech is ready to be deployed across Africa!

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