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Fantastic Progress in East Africa - HDF to Launch Green Hydrogen Power Plant Development in Kenya

Nairobi (Kenya), September 4, 2023 – HDF Energy (Hydrogène de France, an AHP Pioneer Member), leading developer of large-scale green hydrogen infrastructure and manufacturer of high-power fuel cells, proudly announces the start of development studies to install a first green hydrogen power plant in Kenya, at the inaugural Africa Climate Summit in Nairobi.

The Africa Climate Summit, co-hosted by the Government of the Republic of Kenya and the African Union from September 4th to 6th, convened government leaders, corporate visionaries, international bodies, and civil society champions. Against the backdrop of mounting climate and energy challenges, this summit served as the ideal platform for HDF Energy's African team to highlight their visionary pipeline for Africa, including Kenya's first green hydrogen power plant.

HDF’s Renewstable® power plant is a game-changer for the electricity sector, offering locally clean baseload power with essential grid stabilizing services, in areas where geothermal or hydropower is not available. The plant harnesses the sun's energy through a solar park and/or the wind energy via a wind farm, producing and storing green hydrogen through water electrolysis, and converting it to electricity on-demand, 24 hours a day, using HDF’s proprietary multi-megawatt fuel cells.

The first Renewstable® being developed by HDF in Kenya will see the deployment of 180 MW of solar PV combined with 500 MWh of long-term hydrogen-based storage, for an investment valued around 500 million USD.

HDF’s Renewstable® technology, which is ready for deployment, will accelerate Kenya’s envisioned green hydrogen economy, upon successful completion of the development phase of the project. The localization of this innovative power plant will also enable the development of local skills to support the emergence of the hydrogen industries in-country.

HDF Energy's global footprint spans across 30 countries, with a significant presence in 8 African nations.

Alongside the Kenyan venture, HDF is actively advancing on other hydrogen projects across Africa, in Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda, and DRC in particular, constituting a business development portfolio worth over €3 billion. This concerted effort contributes to Africa’s energy transition goals while fortifying the energy independence of the continent.

More information about HDF Energy here:

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