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Egypt Green, Africa’s first integrated green hydrogen plant

The Consortium of Fertiglobe, Scatec, Orascom Construction and The Sovereign Fund of Egypt officially started commissioning Egypt Green, Africa’s first integrated green hydrogen plant, at COP27.

The facility will deliver up to approximately 15k tons of green hydrogen as feedstock for production of up to 90k tons of green ammonia per year in Fertiglobe’s existing ammonia plants in Ain Sokhna, Egypt

The consortium is in the process of finalizing engineering and technology choices for the full-scale 100 MW plant and the partners aim to reach Final Investment Decision (FID) on the facility in 2023.

Currently testing the first and largest polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) electrolyzer in Africa for the first phase of the project.

AHP believes this is further evidence of the value in using renewable energy to generate ammonia fertiliser locally in Africa without the cost of Hydrogen storage and transport.

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