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Appointment of Mr Richard Kiplagat as Chairman of the AHP Advocacy Taskforce

Updated: Jan 17

The Board and General Assembly of the AHP have agreed to set up an "Advocacy Taskforce" which will be led by Mr Richard Kiplagat (Group Director & MD East Africa of Africa Practice), who is based in Kenya.

The Advocacy Taskforce task force has several purposes which include:

  • The definition and writing of position papers related to Green Hydrogen in Africa so we can agree a position on key topics.

  • Monitoring and crosschecking legislative activities in Africa and the African Union that might impact the development of Green Hydrogen projects.

  • Gathering expert contributions from AHP members and feeding them back into legislative proposals to the relevant authorities. This will allow AHP members to talk in effect with a unified voice.

  • Convene regularly to discuss current issues and ensure the Taskforce understands and represents the views of its membership.

The Advocacy Task force will include representation from the three AHP co-ordination groups (Industry, Associations and Universities)

The actual composition of the task force will be decided by the Board after a request for declaration of interest from associated members.

Dr. Innocent Uwuijaren, AHP Director and Chairman, said,

"The creation of an Advocacy Task Force is a significant step forward for the AHP and its mission to promote Green Hydrogen projects in Africa. By creating new position papers based on the considerable expertise of our members and monitoring new legislative developments across Africa that might support (or hinder) developments we believe we can help remove barriers to adoption. I am delighted that Richard has agreed to take on this important role and we all look forward to seeing the results of his efforts. I would urge AHP members to participate in and support the work of the Taskforce."

Richard Kiplagat, AHP Advocacy Taskforce lead, said,

"The Africa Hydrogen Partnership is playing a leading role in helping to create a conducive policy and regulatory environment for the accelerated development of Green hydrogen projects in Africa. As the Chairman of the AHP Advocacy Task Force and member of the leadership team, I am very much looking forward to engaging all our stakeholders to work collaboratively to accelerate Africa's trajectory towards a new Green industrial revolution".

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