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AHP supporting the Africa Green Hydrogen Alliance (AGHA)

The Africa Green Hydrogen Forum ahead of COP27 brings together representatives from African governments with high potential for green hydrogen development. Stakeholders share good practices and policies that will support the growth of global green hydrogen markets and agree on clear targets and messages for green hydrogen at COP27.

The Africa Green Hydrogen Alliance (AGHA) is an African government-led platform that aims to intensify collaboration and supercharge the development of green hydrogen projects in Africa. The alliance members collaborate on public and regulatory policy, capacity building, financing, and certification, bringing together a network of experts and partners who can support and finance green hydrogen project development. The Alliance aims to make the African continent a frontrunner in the race to develop green hydrogen, accelerating the transition from reliance on fossil fuels and shifting to new energy technologies that open access to clean, affordable energy supplies to all.

The AHP team proudly participates in the forum and supports the African Development Bank, the High-Level Climate Champions Team and the Green Hydrogen Organisation (GH2) in their efforts of growing the AGHA.

AHP Delegation (from left to right):

  • Prof Bamidele Adebisi (AHP University Board Member, Prof for Smart Infrastructure at Manchester Metropolitan University)

  • Nienke Homan (CEO at Impact Hydrogen, GH2 Board Member)

  • Junaid Belo-Osagie (Head Business Management at GIB, Mizuho International plc)

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