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AHP Hydrogen Market Making Update

The African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP) makes and shapes hydrogen markets in Africa. It’s a multi-stakeholder platform for encouraging uptake of green hydrogen and green ammonia, fuel cell technology and exciting hydrogen applications.

We’re pleased to report tangible progress - here’s the news so far in 2019.

The AHP has facilitated discussions about: - Hydrogen trucks and buses in African countries - Supply of lower grade hydrogen or ammonia in African countries

The AHP has championed practical applications of hydrogen power by: - Advising an African financial institution on the role of hydrogen and fuel cells in the power supply system and the impact on electricity cost and reliability - Explaining the potential role of hydrogen for economic growth and job creation to governmental and parastatal organizations in Africa - Introducing an African entrepreneur to electrolyser manufacturers   - Exploring the potential of hydrogen burners for steam generation

Do you or your organization have a specific request? Are you interested in getting involved in one of these opportunities? Reach out to us by sending an e-mail to

The African Hydrogen Partnership - Making and shaping hydrogen markets in Africa

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