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AHP - Financial Year 2022-23

The AHP Leadership Team is delighted to announce that the AHP’s second full financial year ended on 30 June 2023 with a surplus, which is a substantial achievement for an international association like the AHP.

The AHP was registered in Mauritius in November 2020 and started taking in new members in February 2021. Though the AHP was developed without loans or subsidies or sponsorship from any major institution or organization, the AHP Leadership Team, with the involvement of the AHP’s members, has managed to develop the AHP into a financially healthy and sustainable and growing international African organization.

The AHP now has 33 (corporate and institutional) members, drawn from all round Africa and also internationally and, through various international associations which are members of the AHP, we have indirect involvement at the membership level really from all round the world. Our membership has increased by more than 70% between 30 June 2022 and today, and the AHP has a healthy pipeline of organizations interested in joining us. We are seeing an increasing interest in green hydrogen, and its derivatives, and also in Africa. The AHP is involved in some interesting and, indeed, some significant projects, where the AHP is playing a key role and there is considerable scope for the AHP and its members to make a difference in Africa, in terms of decarbonization and also economically and socio economically, and the AHP’s members will, at the same time, be able to create and take advantage of significant commercial opportunities, as well.

The AHP Leadership is confident that the AHP will be able to continue to grow, despite global economic and political challenges, since hydrogen is a necessity for the decarbonization of Africa.

With the very best wishes for the next financial year,

Dr Innocent Uwuijaren

AHP Board Member, Director

AHP Chairman of the Board

Siegfried Huegemann

AHP Secretary General


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