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AHP Delegation visits Somaliland

The African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP) - the only continent-wide African hydrogen association dedicated to green hydrogen - recently organised and led a delegation to Somaliland from 27 June to 1 July. The delegation made a number of presentations, including video presentations from participants who were unable to travel to Somaliland in person. These presentations were made by a number of companies, two universities and a European association with leading expertise in relation to green hydrogen and its derivatives and applications. It was the first visit by the AHP to Somaliland.

The delegation was hosted by HydroMaal which is currently the only company registered in the Horn of Africa region working on the development of green hydrogen projects and programmes related to hydrogen derivatives, e.g. green ammonia.

The discussions and presentations focused on baseload renewable power using green hydrogen, waste-to-(hydrogen)power, green fertiliser production, grid-independent power supply, green hydrogen for decarbonising heavy-load and long-haul land transport, as well as the maritime sector.

The delegation travelled to the Port of Berbera, to see the port and to witness first hand the solar and wind potential of the area, which is a prerequisite for producing low cost green hydrogen. The delegation travelled on the newly constructed “Berbera Corridor” (the highway connecting Berbera with Addis Ababa), which is expected to be completed shortly.

Members of both HydroMaal and the AHP delegation also met senior representatives of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) who were in Somaliland at the same time.

Whilst several business opportunities were identified, HydroMaal and some of the delegation have agreed to collaborate and work together to pursue certain of these opportunities immediately.

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