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AHP Chairman to participate in the EABF Hydrogen and Green Shipping session

The AHP is delighted to announce that AHP Chairman, Dr Innocent Uwuijaren, will participate in the EU-Africa Business Forum 2022 online session "Hydrogen and Green Shipping for Clean Energy“ at 4:00 pm CET on 14 February 2022.

Among the main objectives of the event is to reflect on the possibilities for the greening of the shipping sector, highlighting the political and economic importance of the EU’s green energy cooperation with Africa on the one hand and the role that Greece can play through the utilization of its dynamic shipping sector. The presence of speakers from EU and Africa from the sectors of energy and shipping, representing governments, businesses and the science, will help promote the public debate on strengthening EU-Africa green energy cooperation and highlighting African-European synergies that can lead to mutually beneficial results.

Please register here:

Download the pdf for more information about the "Hydrogen and Green Shipping for Clean Energy" session:

EU-Africa Business Forum 2022 - Hydrogen Shipping
Download PDF • 192KB

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