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AHP Announces Appointment of Ms. Shelli Zargary as AHP Director and Private Sector Board Member

Mauritius, 12th of July 2023

The African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP) announced today the appointment of Ms. Shelli Zargary as AHP Director and AHP Private Sector Board Member. Ms. Zargary leads GenCell’s thought leadership, strategic positioning and corporate & media communications.

The appointment of Ms. Shelli Zargary as Private Sector Board Member will provide the AHP with access to capabilities required for addressing off-grid and poor-grid situations and mission-critical backup in Africa, where more than 600 million people do not have access to the electricity grid.


The AHP Director and Private Sector Board Member, Ms. Shelli Zargary stated,

"GenCell Ltd. and I personally are extremely pleased and proud to have the honor of participating and representing the private sector on the AHP board. We recognise the enormous potential of building a clean hydrogen energy economy on the continent, leveraging Africa's cleanest and most abundant natural resources; yet at the same time we recognise the difficult challenges involved in realizing that potential.

Achieving cost-effective availability of hydrogen and ammonia adjacent to power loads is not a simple task and will require the development of an ecosystem to manage the logistics, the financing, the operations and more. Building such an ecosystem depends on trustworthy bodies that can synchronize and orchestrate public and private, governmental and commercial interests. This is the crucial role being played by the African Hydrogen Partnership, with whom GenCell is fortunate to be associated and with whom we are excited to collaborate to leverage every early opportunity to deliver our innovative solutions to local hydrogen off takers eager to take advantage of economical clean hydrogen to generate reliable, uninterrupted, zero-emission and climate-resilient power to keep African businesses and communities running no matter what.

At this critical juncture before COP28 we see important developments bringing African, Middle Eastern and European interests together to promote local, regional and global collaboration around green hydrogen and ammonia applications across markets and industry sectors. GenCell is confident that together with our partners at Hydrogen Europe, Hydrogen Egypt and the African Hydrogen Partnership we can identify and execute initial hydrogen projects - from GreenPower4Telecom to utility substation backup to hydrogen-based EV charging - that will validate our technology and economic value proposition and thus encourage broad and rapid growth of both profitability and decarbonization."

AHP Chairman, Dr Innocent Uwuijaren said,

“The Board of the AHP is delighted to welcome Shelli Zargary as a new member of the Board. She is well-known to many of us, having worked with us since GenCell joined the AHP as a pioneer member two years ago.

Gencell is a science-led organization and employs a large number of PhDs in Chemistry, Physics, Energy and Mathematics. GenCell’s first products provide clean energy solutions for off-grid and poor-grid situations and mission-critical backup, using technology which is of great application in Africa, where more than 600 million people do not have access to the electricity grid.

GenCell has recently launched another product which again utilizes disruptive technology to enable hydrogen or ammonia to be used to provide power for off-grid EV charging for multiple vehicles, as well as back-up power and the ability to sell power to the grid in poor-grid situations. Technology which will also be very relevant to Africa.

GenCell’s approach to technology and creative solutions will be invaluable to AHP as the hydrogen revolution gets underway in Africa and the applications for using hydrogen and ammonia greatly increase. We look forward to being able to draw on Shelli’s and GenCell’s insights as the market for green hydrogen and ammonia evolves in Africa.”

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