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AHP - A Look Back at 2022 and Outlook for 2023

Dear AHP Members, Supporters and Hydrogen Enthusiasts,

Although 2022 was a year of economic and political challenges, the year was another successful year for the African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP), the only continent-wide African association dedicated to development of green and natural hydrogen markets in Africa.

The number of AHP member organizations grew by more than 80% during the year and includes new members from Industry, Finance, Universities and Associations. Currently, 26 organizations are registered members and several applications for membership have been received from other organizations which are currently going through our due diligence procedure and are expected to become members of the AHP shortly. There is also a strong pipeline of organizations which are or might be interested in joining and we expect that the number of AHP members to continue to grow in the coming years.

The Annual General Assembly approved the audited financial statements of the Financial Year 2021-2022. It is reasonable to assume that the Financial Year 2022-2023 will be operationally and financially successful.

The Leadership Team, consisting of eight Board Members, the Secretary General, the Chairman of the AHP Advocacy Task Force (Richard Kiplagat of Africa Practice) and the Chairman of the AHP Financial Advisory Group (Junaid Belo-Osagie of Mizuho International plc), is now complete. Nine of the eleven Leadership Team members are African.

Green African hydrogen has attracted a lot of attention and has gained significant prominence in 2022, for a number of reasons, including the EU’s REpowerEU initiative to reduce dependence on Russian fossil fuel by boosting the production of green hydrogen in Europe and the importing of green hydrogen from outside Europe; and in the US the Inflation Reduction Act, which provides significant tax incentives for the production of green hydrogen. Many World leaders also have realized that green and natural hydrogen are the only universally applicable clean, sustainable and renewable energy carriers and that the World cannot decarbonize without green African hydrogen.

The AHP contributed to several important initiatives and participated in numerous high-caliber conferences and similar events.

The large-scale commercialization of green hydrogen has already started with the first commercially feasible, bankable and financially sustainable projects in Southern Africa. This illustrates Africa’s great potential for producing low-cost green hydrogen and that a new era has started. Due to Africa’s fantastic business development opportunities, it will be increasingly possible to put theory into practice and to let the market drive the development forward.

In 2022 the AHP adopted regulations to allow it to establish Regional Chapters across Africa, which will be needed on account of Africa’s vast geographic scale, and which will begin to become operational this year. The AHP leadership team will work with the AHP’s Regional Chapters and Industry Committees, as they become established, on a joint (across different business sectors) and combined (across different regions) Operational Plan that allows us to utilize synergies for achieving economies of scale and to diversify risks accordingly. The main focus will be on hard-to-abate sectors (e.g. mining, fertilizer production, building materials, land transport, agriculture and food processing, waste treatment and shipping) in regions of Africa that have a strong potential for producing low-cost green hydrogen and strong domestic markets. The AHP will seek to orchestrate many of the related initial activities and efforts.

We are confident that with your continued support and great cooperation, 2023 will be another great year for the AHP and African hydrogen.

Dr Innocent Uwuijaren

AHP Board Member, Director

AHP Chairman of the Board

Siegfried Huegemann

AHP Secretary General

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