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AHP - A Look Back at 2021 and Outlook for 2022

Dear AHP Members, Supporters and Hydrogen Enthusiasts,

2021 was the first full calendar year for the AHP, after the association was registered in Mauritius in November 2020. Thanks to your great enthusiasm and support, the year was very successful and we achieved all of the goals we set ourselves. 14 AHP Pioneer Members joined the organisation - and we are in discussions with several other potential members. The AHP is financially healthy. If the good development continues, the AHP will need to hire paid members of staff in 2022.

In 2021 we have continued to expand the AHP’s network and have begun to establish important connections and relationships in Africa and in Europe, including the financial sector in the City of London. We are also beginning to work with other leading hydrogen associations. The race against climate change is desperate and there is an increasing understanding that we need to co-operate and work together to have any chance of success.

Although it is still very early days, it is fair to say that the AHP is becoming recognized as the continent-wide umbrella association in Africa for green and natural hydrogen as well as related hydrogen derivatives and technologies. The AHP is an independent international African organization with African Board members and strictly complies with international rules and regulations.

In order to maintain our momentum and make a difference, the AHP is beginning to focus on proposing and supporting projects which are economically and commercially feasible in the short term or now. One of the major focus areas will be green ammonia and green fertiliser production for spot markets where synergies with other market sectors, e.g. backup power systems, export markets and the transportation sector, may also be capable of being maximised.

COP27 and COP28 will be held in Egypt and the UAE in 2022 and 2023 respectively. They provide an important opportunity to enhance people’s understanding of Africa's potential as a producer of green hydrogen and its importance in the race against climate change. The AHP has already begun discussing with various other organizations how they might work together in the run up to COP27 and COP28, how they can make significant contributions at these conferences and how they can achieve tangible results beforehand.

In 2022, the AHP is also looking to expand its membership, hire its first paid member(s) of staff, maintain its current momentum and continue building relationships with organizations which can help the AHP to make a difference. Starting with an update for January 2022, the AHP will provide you with a monthly newsletter.

We are confident that with your continued support and great cooperation, 2022 will be another great year for the AHP and African Hydrogen.

We wish you all the very best and success for 2022.

Thanks and regards,

The AHP Team

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