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African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP) Preparation Meeting in Addis Ababa

We are delighted to announce that the African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP) Preparation Meeting will be in Ethiopia at the United Nations Conference Centre, Addis Ababa (UNCC-AA) on 19th - 20th February 2020. This is an invitation-only event for stakeholders and influencers in the African hydrogen economy.

On Wednesday 19th February, future AHP members and decision makers will discuss and vote on crucial topics, including the specific objectives and role of the AHP and types of memberships, in order to formally establish the African Hydrogen Partnership at its first Annual General Meeting.

On Thursday 20th February, we will present the first large tangible hydrogen, ammonia and fuel cell related programmes to launch in Africa. Delegates will discuss and review them to understand potential learnings, applications and benefits in their own environments.

We expect to welcome senior officials from African government and parastatal organizations as well as leaders of industrial companies and financial institutions.

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