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2x40 GW Green Hydrogen Initiative - North Africa 24.5 GW

The African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP) is honored to have contributed to Hydrogen Europe's 2x40 GW green Hydrogen Initiative, together with the Dii Desert Energy, EU GCC clean energy network and Ukrainian Hydrogen Council.

North Africa, where 24.5 GW of electrolysers are foreseen at wind and solar hydrogen production sites and will produce renewable hydrogen cost competitively with low-carbon hydrogen production (1.5-2.0 €/kg) in 2025 and with grey hydrogen (1.0-1.5 €/kg) in 2030.

The 2x40 GW green Hydrogen Initiative launched yesterday in a video conference with EVP Frans Timmermans, EU commissioner energy Kadri Simson, Moroccan energy minister Aziz Rabbah and 14 CEO’s. Read the report ‘Green Hydrogen for a European Green Deal; A 2x40GW initiative’

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