Become an AHP PIONEER!

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Become an AHP Pioneer!

The AHP Pioneers Rule shall encourage prospective members to join the AHP in the first half of 2021.



  1. 50% discount on the membership fees for the first year.

  2. Be part of the AHP right from the start and use the first-mover advantage for shaping the AHP's vision, goals, strategy and focus.

  3. Put the representative of your organization forward as a Candidate for available AHP Board Member positions at the first General Assembly later this year.

  4. Exclusive use of the AHP Pioneer title in press statements and communication.

For up to 15 new AHP Members the AHP offers a 50% discount of the first year's annual membership FEES shown below and will officially declare the Members as AHP Pioneers if all of the next criteria are met:

  1. Commitment for AHP membership for at least two years and

  2. Paying the full membership fees for two years minus the AHP Pioneers Discount within 60 days after being admitted to AHP Membership and

  3. Admission as a Member to the AHP on or before 30th June 2021. Date of the AHP confirmation of AHP membership (by email) applies.


Limited Number of AHP Pioneers

The AHP Pioneers rule is limited to up to 15 members admitted to AHP membership on or before 30th June 2021.


Invoice and Payment

The AHP shall be entitled to discount invoices of AHP Pioneers Members at the rate of 50% (50 percent) of the applicable membership fees for the first year of membership for full and proper two-year payment for the AHP membership received by the AHP within 60 (sixty) days after the Members's receipt of the AHP's valid original invoice. If the payment is not received by the AHP within 60 days, the Member’s AHP Pioneers Membership right will expire, and the AHP will grant the right to the next eligible Member in line to the AHP Pioneers Membership. If the next eligible Member in line to the AHP Pioneers Membership has already paid the membership fee, the AHP Pioneers Discount will be refunded by the AHP to this Member.

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AHP Membership Fees

Click on table or here for pdf document with membership fees.
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