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The East African Hydrogen Corridor

(Hydrogen Europe | Enabling a Zero-Emission Society)

Prof B. Adebisi, Dr. I. Uwuijaren, T. Greenbury, S. Huegemann
November 2022

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How to deliver on the EU

Hydrogen Accelerator

Prof A. van Wijk, Dr. K. Westphal, Dr. J. F. Braun
May 2022


Geopolitics of the Energy Transformation:

The Hydrogen Factor

IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency), Abu Dhabi
January 2022

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Reality-Check der Nationalen Wasserstoffstrategie

D. Dantine, B. Weber, R. Reh
October 2021

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HYDROGEN ACT - Towards the Creation of the European Hydrogen Economy

J. Chatzimarkakis, C. Levoyannis, Prof A. van Wijk, F. Wouters
April 2021

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Focus on Hydrogen: 
A New Energy Frontier For Africa

Clifford Chance

January 2021

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Green Hydrogen in Developing Countries

F. de Sisternes and C. Jackson. ESMAP. Washington, DC: World Bank. 

August 2020

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Green Hydrogen for a European Green Deal
A 2x40 GW Initiative

Prof. A. van Wijk and J. Chatzimarkakis

April 2020

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