RTS was established in 1989 and first registered as Rand Technical Services. The company was active in the instrumentation field and also the development of Inertial Dust Removal Systems.


In 1996 RTS became sales/service agents for Sub Saharan Africa for Norsk Hydro Electrolysers. (Now NEL Hydrogen).


In 2015, RTS was re-registered as two companies, RTS Africa Engineering (Pty) Ltd. (Hydrogen technologies and Inertial Spin Filters) and RTS Africa Technologies (Pty) Ltd. (Instrumentation and Boiler tube leak Detection).


The companies are managed by the founder and Managing Director, Ian Fraser and Financial Director, Catherine Scholtz.


RTS Africa engineering is one of the first two founding members of the AHP.


Both RTS companies are registered in the Republic of South Africa and operate from Pretoria.


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Hypowa is incorporated under the United Kingdom Companies Act 2006 as a private company; its registered office is in England.

The company was established in 2018. Hypowa’s focus is on the development of hydrogen fuel cell powertrains for lightweight transportation vehicles. 

The company cooperates with industry partners for specialist components as well as services and is managed by Siegfried Huegemann, initiator, co-founder and vice chairman of the African Hydrogen Partnership. Hypowa is one of the first two member companies (Founding Members) of the AHP.


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