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Mauritius, Dec. 2021:

2021 was the first full calendar year for the AHP, after the association was registered in Mauritius in November 2020. The year was successful and the AHP achieved all of its goals. 14 AHP Pioneer Members joined the AHP in 2021. The AHP pioneer member organisations are based across Ivory Coast, Ghana, Mali, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Israel, Italy and the UK, with the large-scale commercialisation of hydrogen technology in Africa as a key focus,


The AHP continued to expand its network and began to establish important connections and relationships in Africa and in Europe, including the financial sector in the City of London. The AHP also began to work with other leading hydrogen associations or similar organizations sharing similar values and common interests. 


Mauritius, Aug. 2021:

1st AHP Annual General Assembly. The AHP is a financially healthy organisation.





Mauritius, Nov. 2020:

In the middle of 2020 Mr. Ian Fraser and Ms. Catherine Scholtz, Directors of RTS Africa Engineering joined the unincorporated association. Together with Mr. Vincent Oldenbroek and Mr. Siegfried Huegemann they formally registered the AHP, with RTS Africa Engineering and Hypowa as the first two member companies, in Mauritius in November 2020.

Africa, Oct. 2020:

The AHP joined the Hydrogen Atlas Africa project.

Ethiopia, Feb. 2020:


The very successful cooperation of Mr. Huegemann and Mr. Oldenbroek culminated in a first conference in Addis Ababa in February 2020 which was attended by interested parties from several countries from Africa, Europe and Asia where the objective was to develop opportunities associated with trans-African green hydrogen hubs and routes between cities, ports and mining centers.

China, Nov. 2019:

Mr. Huegemann and Mr. Oldenbroek presented the AHP at the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) Hydrogen Industry Conference in Foshan, China.


Nigeria, Oct. 2019:

Mr. Oldenbroek represented the AHP at the Energy Sustainability Conference in Lagos, Nigeria.


Tanzania, Aug. 2019:

In summer 2019 Mr. Huegemann and Mr. Oldenbroek had a series of successful meetings with Senior Officials of governmental and parastatal organisations in Tanzania.


AHP - Jan. 2019: 

The AHP published its new website and three visionary documents about establishing and financing hydrogen economies in Africa.




2014 - 2018

AHP - Aug. 2018:


Mr. Vincent Oldenbroek, a Dutch citizen based in Harare, joined Mr. Huegemann in 2018. They formed an unincorporated association to formally establish the organisation in Africa and renamed the initial initiative to African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP).


Ethiopia, Jul. 2016:


Mr. Huegemann meets Mr. Motuma Mekassa, Minister for Water, Irrigation & Electricity of Ethiopia and other high ranking Ethopian Officials in Addis Ababa.


AHP - Sep. 2014:


In 2014 Mr. Siegfried Huegemann (commonly known as Siggi), a German who resides in the UK, initiated the idea for an African hydrogen association with the current web address and Twitter account as well as a daily African Hydrogen Power blog. 

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