Thursday, 4 October 2018

Spain, Gas and Hydrogen in the Fuel Distribution Network

Source: 10th July 2018, Snam

Agreement between TSO Enagás and the association of refueling stations operators Ceees 

“To work together for the promotion and development of natural gas and hydrogen as alternative fuel in the transportation sector of Spain.” This is the aim of an agreement between the gas pipeline network operator of the Iberian country, Enagás, and the association of refueling stations operators Ceees. 

The cooperation between Enagás and Ceees, specifies a message, provides in particular for conducting a technical feasibility study concerning installation of CNG and hydrogen refueling points at some of 5,000 refueling stations of the Ceees associates. 

Moreover, Enagás and Ceees “will commit themselves to promote these types of energy as alternative fuels for transportation, in line with their effort to contribute the welfare of society and the improvement of the air quality.”

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