Friday, 7 September 2018

Grand Opening in Potsdam: German Hydrogen Infrastructure Expands to 50 Filling Stations

Source: NOW GmbH, 7th September 2018

The expansion of the infrastructure enabling hydrogen-based electric mobility has reached an important milestone: Germany is further expanding its leading role in the development of this environmentally friendly form of transport in Europe with the 50th hydrogen filling station. Representatives of the European Commission, the federal government, the Brandenburg state government and the city of Potsdam attended the opening ceremony.

Station's Location:
TOTAL Station,
Horstweg 23c,
14478 Potsdam

The filling station was built by the joint venture H2 MOBILITY using Linde filling station technology. In addition to the nozzle for passenger cars, the station already has preinstalled the equipment that in the future can be used to provide refuelling for buses.

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