Thursday, 6 September 2018

California's response to record wildfires: shift to 100% clean energy

Source: The Guardian, 3rd September 2018, by Dana Nuccitelli

Dana Nuccitelli reported, "California’s Democratic leaders are determined to fight the climate change that’s ravaging their state (...) California has been battered by extreme weather intensified by climate change. From 2012 to 2016 the state was scorched by its worst drought in over a millennium. Weather whiplash struck in 2017, when much of the state broke precipitation records. This combination led to devastating mudslides and created the conditions for the most destructive and costly wildfire season on record in 2017, followed by the state’s largest-ever wildfire in 2018, which broke the previous record (set in 2017) by more than 60%. All of these impacts have been exacerbated by global warming. The past five years have been California’s five hottest on record. And so, the state’s leaders decided to do something about it. (...)"

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