Monday, 17 September 2018

BShark: Hydrogen Fuel Drone Price is Reduced to $6.800 - with 30 km Data Communication Range

Source: "HYDROGEN FUEL DRONE PRICE IS REDUCED TO $6800 - - With 30 km data communication range", BSHARK, 15th November 2018

Drones are ushering our lives into a new era, yet hydrogen-powered drone is not really promising in this industry due to the expensive price and the hydrogen refueling issue. It’s not easy to find a hydrogen drone under 10 grands. Data communication range is also a thorn in the flesh. The way to commercialize hydrogen fuel cell drones is winding and unlikely actualize their true value.

Price, data communication range and hydrogen refueling, Narwhal 2 is designed by to solve these problems. It will be released on September 16th, 2018.

Heart of hydrogen drone technology

Only affordable being achieved hydrones may find their stage instead of being weeded out by the unceasing innovated market. Narwhal2 brings hope to hydrogen fueling drone with the worthiest package, aerial aluminum aircraft, metal-based air cooled PEM fuel cell (800w), hydrogen cylinder (made of carbon fiber covered aluminum alloy), up to 35MPa working pressure valve. the heart of hydrogen drone technology, the most valuable professional hydrogen parts are all included.

LTE module and 30 km video transmitter

Besides these, LTE module, 30 km video transmitter and AIO ground control station are also covered, along with the B1 Flight controller, which runs on the dedicated PX4 and APM platforms. LTE module supports 3G, 4G network, WIFI and other links with less than 0.25 seconds’ latency.

One person to complete the whole monitoring and flying operation is accessible with the all-in-one ground control station. The long range of video transmitter empowers Narwhal 2 more possibilities for long-term persistent missions along with its 2 hours flight time. All of the above comes with 6800$.

A hydrogen fueling station

About hydrogen resource problem, BSHARK provides Orca1, a mobile hydrogen fueling station with 99.999% output purity of hydrogen, the hydrogen generator is supported by electrolysis technology and integrated with leading compressing system.

Under such a competitive price and the edge of equipment, the hydrogen fuel drone is well-prepared to shine.

Narwhal 2 will be available for sale after 16th September 2018. 

The video of Narwhal 2 launch event:


BSAHRK is the world’s first R&D company to successfully apply hydrogen as an energy for drones and to  begin commercial production and sales of hydrogen-powered drone. Collaborating with OEM manufacturing company MMC, which has years of experience in designing the best of clean-powered, long endurance unmanned aircraft, they've developed a suite of hydrogen solution. Based on the sustainable use of the hydrogen fuel cell for the enhancement of flight endurance for drones, BSHARK is committed to pursuing harmony between flight pleasures and environmental and safety features. BSHARK aims to offer hydrogen fuel cell drones on the commercial market at affordable prices.