Sunday, 12 August 2018

Teesside to become a UK hydrogen 'powerhouse'

Source: "Hydrogen cars, buses - even bin lorries and trains - could be coming soon to Teesside", TeessideLive, 9th August 2018, by Kelley Price

Kelley Price reported, "A £220,000 boost for 'super fuel' vehicle fleet in bid to make Teesside a UK hydrogen 'powerhouse'. It could pump £7bn into region. The campaign to make Teesside a UK hydrogen “powerhouse” has taken a step forward. (...) Redcar Labour MP Anna Turley says the green fuel could be powering Britain, heating thousands of homes and safeguarding and creating thousands of “high quality” jobs. She has set up an All-Party Parliamentary Group on Hydrogen. (...) Mr Houchen said: “Creating the jobs of tomorrow means investing in the right technology today. We already produce 50% of the UK’s hydrogen, so properly utilising it will allow us to keep manufacturing jobs in the Tees Valley and build on the global drive to cut carbon emissions, rather than be held back by it. (...)"

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