Sunday, 8 July 2018

The Arctic could be ice-free in 20 or 30 years

Source: "The Arctic had a scarily low amount of ice this past winter", Vox, 23rd March 2018 by Brian Resnick

Brian Resnick reported, "(...) In a few decades, polar scientists predict that the Arctic will become virtually ice-free, with less than a million square kilometers of ice (a bit larger than the size of Texas) during the peak of summer. (...) This winter was extreme. And it only suggests that this “ice-free” Arctic may arrive sooner than later.

 "(...) “If you project forward in time using climate models ... that’s suggesting timelines of 20 or 30 years for an ice-free arctic,” Petty says. “But these strong changes we’re seeing in winter … might mean this can happen a lot earlier than these projections suggest.

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