Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Kenyans to Enjoy Cheaper Power Come September

Source: Daily Nation | AllAfrica |, 8th July 2018, by Silas Apollo

Silas Apollo reported, "Kenyans are set to enjoy cheaper electricity from September when the region's largest renewable energy plant is completed. The Garissa Solar Plant, whose completion date has been revised from December to September, will generate about 76,473 Megawatts of power a year, which the government says will bring down the cost of electricity to 5.4 cents per unit. It will also help lessen the carbon footprint by reducing carbon emissions into the atmosphere by about 43,000 tonnes, says the government. "We are ahead of schedule and by September it will be on the grid and will then push the cost of power down to 5.4 cents per unit," said Energy Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter. The plant consists of about 210,210 PV panels -- 300,000 photovoltaic (PV) solar system -- of 260 watts each, sitting on 85 hectares, and will be able to generate power capable of lighting around 625,000 homes. (...)"

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