Monday, 30 July 2018

Here’s How Toyota Improved Project Portal, its Fuel Cell Truck

Source: Trucks, 30th July 2018, by John O'Dell

John O'Dell reported, "(...) The new truck, which Toyota calls the Beta model, has 300 miles of range, substantially increasing its utility. That range comes from increased fuel capacity, up 50 percent to 60 kilograms of hydrogen gas from the first prototype. (...) The new tractor provided more room for fitting the fuel cell system components, including the substantially enlarged fuel storage system with six 10 kilogram tanks instead of four. Ricardo’s team fabricated a custom cabinet that holds the fuel tanks and a 12-kilowatt-hour battery pack. The tanks carry the hydrogen, compressed to 10,000 pounds per square inch, that the fuel cell system converts to electricity to drive the truck’s twin electric motors. (...)"

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