Saturday, 9 June 2018

Power-to-Gas: Unleashing The Promise of Hydrogen

Source: "Unleashing The Promise of Hydrogen",, 1st June 2018, by Tara Gally

Tara Gally reported, "(...) But hydrogen produced by electrolysis is considered a more environmentally-friendly solution that can offer storage on a much wider scale. (...) The advantage of the technology is it can use excess electricity produced by renewable energy to produce hydrogen that can be stored for months before being used as fuel in a power plant to produce electricity when required. (...) However, hydrogen’s versatility means it can do a lot more. It is relatively easy to transport, so it can be used in fuel cells to power vehicles – from cars to ships to trains. What’s more, the hydrogen used in car and truck fuel cells doesn’t have to be transported to filling stations. (...) The SILYZER process can be scaled up or down, allowing hydrogen to be produced safely and cleanly onsite. Using onsite renewable energy, the system would produce ‘green hydrogen’ for the refueling of future fuel cell vehicles. This is an efficient and flexible solution for producing hydrogen. (...)"

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