Friday, 1 June 2018

South Africa: 2.5 kW Green Power-to-Gas H2 FC System for Poelano Secondary School

Source: "Rural North West School Gets Green Electricity", news24Wire | allAfrica |, 13th April 2018

news24 reported, "(...) The 2.5kW Hydrogen Fuel Cell (HFC) System will be deployed at Poelano Secondary School and will enable the rural school to access off-grid electricity for ICT and lighting. The school of 486 pupils was specifically chosen for the project, which is intended to showcase the ability of renewable energy to meet the needs of communities where they have no access to Eskom power. "The school was facing problems with the payment of its electricity bill. The grant provided to the school was not sufficient to cover the school's requirements, resulting in money being owed to Eskom and power being cut off," project leader Dr Cosmas Chiteme told News24. (...) "The cost of the system was just under R10m. This includes the solar PV panels, fuel cell system, electrolyser for on-site hydrogen production from water, hydrogen storage system as well as the battery system for electrical power storage. It should be noted that this is the developmental cost and any subsequent systems of similar size will be delivered at a lower cost," said Chiteme. (...)"

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