Tuesday, 5 June 2018

French Minister unveils €100m hydrogen plan

Source: gasworld, 1st June 2018, by Joanna Sampson

Joanna Sampson reported, "French Minister Nicolas Hulot presented his €100m ($116.8m) ambitious plan for the deployment of hydrogen (H2) this morning and revealed his intention “to make France a world leader in this technology”. (...) From 2019, €100m ($116.8m) will be dedicated to the first deployments of H2 in industry, mobility and energy. ADEME (the French Environment and Energy Management Agency) will drive the deployment of these credits and support projects and actors in the sector throughout France. (...) “France is at the forefront of this sector, and I want to give it the means to maintain its lead in the heart of an already fierce global competition because it is an asset for our energy independence but also a huge source of jobs. The H2 plan must be the impetus that will set in motion this sector of excellence to democratize, in the long term, the uses of this energy in our daily lives.” (...)"

Read more at: https://www.gasworld.com/french-minister-unveils-100m-hydrogen-plan/2014840.article