Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Ethiopia: Leapfrogging Renewable Energy Dev't

Source: The Ethiopian Herald | AllAfrica |, 9th June 2018, by Dirriba Teshome

Dirriba Teshome reported, "(...) Despite a huge leapfrogging, still the generation is far behind the countries potentials--as studies show, the nation has about 50, 000 MW hydropower, 1.3 million MW wind electricity and 10,000 MW geothermal energy sources and --- solar. In the past 27 years, many Power Generation Centers were constructed and started energy supply. To mention but few, Gilgel Gibe III 1,870 MW, Beles 460 MW, Gilgel Gibe II 420 MW, Tekeze 300MW, Adama Wind farm 153 MW and Ashegoda Wind... 120 MW. (...)"

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